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ignITe Hub is an exciting, unique space where students of all ages can learn coding and entrepreneurial skills to help prepare them for the future workforce.

Have an idea of how the Hub can help our community be IT empowered?

A collaborative space created to ignite and inspire innovation in Montgomery County

History has demonstrated how individuals, small businesses and organizations habitually initiate and fuel change and that these changes can transform companies, industries, lives, and society as a whole. ignITe hub is a home for those who wish to be a part of that ongoing transformation process. We provide our members with the knowledge, tools, and resources necessary to empower them to collaborate both physically and remotely, build solutions that use the latest technology, and transform the world.

Please come back soon to learn more about how
the ignITe Hub will serve the community.

ignITe hub
for Students

Are you a middle school or high school student? A Montgomery College Raptor?

ignITe hub
for Adult Learners

Are you a new or returning citizen or a senior seeking new skills? Do you want to learn the latest technology to use at your work or help you get a new job?

ignITe hub
For Non Profits

Could you use new technology to better serve your clients? Looking for a fun, interactive space for your next meeting?

ignITe hub
For Business

Do you need an App for your business? Are you thinking of starting a business of your own?